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The Value Chain Analysis Template



If you require a tool to analyse your value chain, then look no further.



Simply enrol and download this free or premium value chain analysis template (MS Excel) and fill in the required information. The concentration of the required data in the model will help you to focus on the factors that drive profitability in your organisation.



This download comprises a value Chain Analysis Template contained in an MS Excel spreadsheet developed on the basis of Porter's framework;

The value chain analysis template




Here you can download a .pdf document containing instructions for the use of the template and referring you to the materials needed to carry out the project.






  • Identify and group similar activities taking place within your organisation, and coordinate them.
  • Recognise internal linkages to your value chain as well as the external linkages connecting your business to the other industry participants.
  • Understand how the activities that your company performs, and the linkages between them, provide you with the lasting competitive advantage you need to serve your target segments.



The unlocked version of the value chain template enables you to:

  1. completely personalise its content;
  2. add extra boxes and info;
  3. create as many copies as you want;
  4. quickly share info with your colleagues;
  5. collaborate by uploading it to the cloud;
  6. get a free coupon for my on-line course on performing a value chain analysis.