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Strategic Design Hub


Would you like to learn strategic design? 

Join the Strategic Design Hub the on-line community of design strategists, for free!
Strategic design brings together strategic thinking and design thinking.

left brain
Strategic thinking engages the rational side of our brain, providing a set of frameworks useful for analysing an industry, competitors, and the activities (in the value chain) providing your organisation with a competitive advantage.
right brain
Design thinking, on the other hand, engages the creative side of our brain and brings new perspectives on value creation. The principles, methods and the tools of design are only recently entering the business arena.









Online programmes on Strategic Design



 Strategic Design- an introduction (Free)


An introduction to Strategic Design (Free online course)

How do successful organisations maintain their edge in spite of change and unexpected shifts in the environment?

Conventional strategic thinking theories offer us the rationality of competitive advantage, but they fall short when it comes to explaining how to create the next competitive advantage when the time comes.
Design thinking (not to be confused with industrial design) offers us a process and a toolkit to identify unarticulated customer needs and to create innovative solutions around them.
Strategic Design combines the rationality of strategic thinking with the creativity of the design process.
This short introduction to Strategic Design is free of charge. The aim is to start a conversation between the participants on how Strategic Design can be applied to create solutions (products and services) enhancing the lives of people.





Strategic Design Membership


Strategic design membershipThe strategic design course bundle provides you with access to all of the courses available on this platform. You will also be able to connect, share your ideas and learn from the other professionals enrolled in the different courses.
The membership is renewable on a monthly basis, and you can cancel it at any time.
If you are not entirely satisfied with this platform, I'll be happy to provide you with a full refund of the cost of your membership within seven days of the date of purchase.
Business strategy: creativity and innovation @ work  
Business strategy creat inn at work
This course emphasises the different roles that creativity and innovation play in the creation of new strategies.
What does it take to develop a new business strategy? What roles do creativity and innovation play?
Conventional (right brain) theories fail to provide a clear answer to these questions. A single-sided narrative, based on rationality only, falls short in capturing the complexity of human beings, and their creative abilities.
It is time to finally embrace our creative side, to think differently, to imagine something that is not possible just yet.
This course explains how the two-sided mode of thinking influences our ability to create new strategies.
Join me on a journey to the forgotten part of entrepreneurial thinking; it’ll be fun. 
People: the heartbeat of sustainable advantage 
People the heartbeat of sustainable advantage
Competing in innovation-driven economies shifts the sustainability of your competitive advantage from your tangible onto your intangible resources.
This course focuses on the role that the people working in your organisation play in creating and maintaining a sustainable advantage.
During this course, you will discover the advantage of engaging the people working in your organisation, inspiring them to put to use their gifts of creativity, passion and initiative at work every day.
Ultimately, this course will help you to discover your ability and your role as a leader; a leader creating not only a successful organisation but one inspiring people to be exceptional in their work.
The performance of exceptional work is rarely written in a job description, and it cannot be bought. Exceptional work occurs only where the personnel feel inspired.
Business strategy evolution - looking back to move forward
Business strategy evolution - Looking back to move forward
This course is about what we can learn today from the historical development of the field of business strategy, as managers, as entrepreneurs, and as innovators.
Placing the traditional strategic tools in a historical perspective not only helps us to understand the reason why they were created but also informs us how to use them properly when innovating in our organisations.
The course is divided into four sections, each of which covers a substantial stage in the development of business strategy.
The course is for those curious about the field of business strategy and how it has evolved over time. The aim is to imbue the strategy tools we use on a daily basis with a soul.