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Friday, 15 April 2016

Celebrating small wins

Today I have reached 600 students in my on-line courses in the subject of strategic and design thinking, which is what I love. 


What are 600 students when comparing it to the total and growing number of people learning online?


Pretty much nothing!


Stefano 600 small1


But it’s a milestone for me. And let me thank you for letting me share this with you.


But now a question... What has been your latest small win? Have you celebrated it with people that care about your product and your work?


You see, success is nothing unless we share it with the people that gave us the possibility to be heard.


My hope is that you recall you latest win. In case you don’t I believe it’s a good habit to remind ourselves of the small things we do every day and celebrate when they accumulate in something small, but that matters. 

What is the role that people play in the creation of sustainable competitive advantage within your organisation?


Traditional managerial theories utterly ignore the human side of business strategy and people’s abilities to create, contribute and shaping a better world.


What is your role as a CEO, manager or founder of a start-up? Creating an organization a platform that deserves the human gifts of creativity, passion and initiative from the people working in it.


I'm currently creating: People: the heartbeat of sustainable competitive advantage, an on-line course which attempts to bring the people dimension into the strategic equation.



This course builds upon the concepts introduced in my other courses in the topic of strategic thinking:


1) Business strategy evolution - looking back to move forward


2) Emerging strategies: creativity and innovation at work


In this Blog post you can find an academic paper on the subject which I wrote while ago. In this paper you can find the underpinning theories on which this course is going to be built upon.


Today, in many industries, more and more organisations struggle to sustain their competitive advantage overtime.


Your people are the best lever in making the competitive advantage of your organisation sustainable once again. Enabling them to bring their human gifts to your organisation every single day is probably, above all, what we forgot about strategy today. 

What does it take to develop a new business strategy? What is the role that creativity & innovation play in it? 


Conventional (right brain) theories fail to provide a clear answer to these questions. A single sided narrative, based on rationality only, falls short in capturing the complexity of human beings, and their creating abilities.


Time is ready to finally embrace our creative side, to think differently, to imagine something that is not possible just yet.


Rational-sided managerial and entrepreneurship education is running out of bullets! Yes, sure we can find another fancy name for industry analysis… but this, I assure you won’t stop what’s coming.


My new online course: Emerging strategies: creativity & innovation at work, which will be available shortly on different platforms explains how the two-sided mode of thinking influences our ability to create new strategies.



Join me on a journey in the forgotten part of entrepreneurial thinking, it will be fun.


Subscribe to this Blog and my other social media platforms to stay up-to-date with the different ways (more or less) interactive to take this course.   

In my last Blog post I have introduced the role that creativity plays in emerging strategies.


In this post let’s explore the next step in the creation of new strategies.


What do we have to do after we have been creative? After we have forgotten and destroyed an old idea about the need of our customers, through re-framing?


Simply innovate!


The principles of design have recently entered the theory of business innovation. Design thinking offers us an incredible new way to conceptualise the output of our creativity process and to transform it into something tangible, real through prototyping.



This video lesson is part of ''emerging strategies: creativity & innovation at work'' an on-line course which I'm currently developing. The course aims at helping mangers, entrepreneurs (innovators) to understand how to apply the dual nature of thinking to spot & foster emerging opportunities.


Stay tuned.

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