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Tuesday, 03 March 2015

The Bootpeers video manifesto

is for those who want to start something that matters but:

  1. don’t know exactly what;
  2. are afraid of screwing it up;
  3. don’t currently know where their passion is gone;
  4. are disconnected;
  5. believe they can’t contribute;
  6. don’t fit any job description;
  7. have lost track of the (work) positions they applied for;
  8. have lost their (real) identity by writing C.Vs pleasing point n.7);
  9. have lost hope;
  10. don’t know where to start;

The reality is that the system doesn’t care about me and you. Yet, people do... if we’ll give them a reason.


Starting to care (once again) is the first step toward feeling part of something.


The Bootpeers video manifesto aims at: 

  • giving you the permission you need to start doing something you like and that matters;
  • showing you that now it is easier than ever before to start your own initiative and to make a contribution;
  • making you part of a community of people willing to giving it a go with their initiative.

So, roll up your sleeves... download the Bootpeers starting journal and join the Bootpeers community.


We will make it together. 

Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Till about the late 90’s our lives (for those of us living in developed countries) were safe and boring.


If you complied with the system, went to school and regarded the status quo you were guaranteed a very safe and stable standard of life.




And Today…? Today the game has changed; In a world that rewards innovation and novelty over stability and predictability following instructions doesn’t exempt you from uncertainty, actually it exposes you even more to it.


There will always be repetitive and boring work positions to fill, but it has not to be you.


In this video (part of the Bootpeers video manifesto) I'm making a point: now (not tomorrow) it’s the right time to start something that matters.


Give it a go, and have fun! 

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Governments love big businesses…

those that create lots of jobs, attract resources ad boost the ‘national’ economy.


Governments have a choice:


$   1) Shortcut: the Irish Government for example invests huge money, effort and time in attracting multinational corporations in the country thinking of making a great favour to its citizens, rather than simply pleasing Wall Street.


$   2) Doing the hard work: of fostering the germ of entrepreneurship to their citizens (many) that are  unable of making a contribution to their local community.


Governments (like every one of us) can embrace shortcuts in order to achieve results. Shortcuts and short-termism combine very well and go hand in hand, but obviously the results won’t last.


While is out of reach changing politician’s attitude, we can change ours. We can switch (we don’t need the permission of anyone) towards a longer and more sustainable perspective in our lives. If enough people will start, then Governments will.


Stop blaming others, Government or society. Stand up and show us how change happens. 

Monday, 09 February 2015

In pursuing (our) excellence

we don’t need a Fletcher.


We only need:


$11)      our will to make a difference;

$12)      lots of patience and dedications in refining our art;

$13)      enough courage to stand up making something beautiful and deliver it to the world…


… and yes, a teacher or better a (wise friend) who inspires us, who helps us finding our inner genius by reminding us what we were supposed to be.


The best teachers are hardly remembered for the subject they teach, but rather for their humanity and their ability to inspire us any time we doubt ourselves and our abilities.


Great teachers come in our lives in many ways; it’s our job then to recognise them and to make treasure of our time together. 

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