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Hi folks,


today my on-line course on industry analysis is live, and you can purchase it in Udemy.


This promotional coupon offers you with a special price. Also it’s an incentive to introduce you to my on-line courses about strategy and innovation.


This course is a companion of my Industry analysis template and explains how to organise and manage an industry analysis project in your organisation.


For those of you that are not familiar with it, Udemy is an online education marketplace.  


Learning doesn’t have to be boring and strategy can actually be something enjoyable.


I’ll see you there, have fun!


Thursday, 20 August 2015

Strategy premium templates

Hi folks,


you can’t believe the number of emails I receive asking for an UNLOCKED version of my strategy templates.


Given the demand I decided to create an unlocked version for all of them. This premium version allows you to completely personalise the templates. You can now change the layout, add or remove boxes and add you logo to it!


Also you can share them within your team, making strategic thinking a more collaborative process and an opened source within your organisation.


Here is the link to a video explaining it for the Industry analysis template.


I’m also working on an online course on performing an industry analysis, I’ll send you a promotional coupon as soon I’ll publish it. Here a quick intro to it!


Stay tuned!

What is the future of a country without entrepreneurs, change-makers and artists?


Despite an increasingly globalised world where a solution seems to fit all contexts local challenges are not fading; rather they are in our face day after day.


Governments’ effort in wealth redistribution isn’t enough. The gap between the ultra-rich and super poor is increasing.


Time has come for educators to move from providing training sessions to inspire leadership in the community.


entrepreneurship education1


It’s by giving people the permission and the responsibility to lead change in their community that innovation and leadership will happen.


Inspiring rather than training is what is needed.


Today we can do this! We have the tools and the frameworks - we just need a bit of faith.


I hope you will join us.


Have fun while helping others to find themselves. 

Wednesday, 04 March 2015

How to...?

When going to work meant performing repetitive tasks (working in an assembly line) we asked ‘how to...?’ in the first week of work (only). The next time we did that was when we changed job.  


But what is it left today after that those repetitive and boring jobs have moved to developing countries or have been replaced by machineries?


What is left is work for those people willing to ask ‘how to...?’ on a daily basis… not at the boss but at themselves!


What strikes me most is that many CVs are still made to fit the ‘assembly line culture’ rather than showing the daily ‘how to...?’ attitude.


It’s up to you now.  Just remember that what you’ll probably get is what you are asking for.


N.B.: The reverse is also true - HR departments promoting a culture of complacency within their companies and looking for obedient workers can’t really expect much innovation to happen. 

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