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Monday, 19 January 2015

What is education for? (Toady)

Schools (as we know it today) were invented about two centuries ago to indoctrinate ‘untamed’ farmers to work in assembly lines. Schools also prepared a ‘superior’ class (the managerial class) to control the work of the farmers turned into compliant cogs.


Today... nothing much has changed. Schools are there to ‘forge’ whatever is required by the system: more IT people, accountants, miners, teachers, etc... and obviously the managerial class (the controllers) ensuring the stability and perpetuity of the system.


Here is the thing: when teaching becomes a tool serving a system and not an opportunity to enhance lives, society (as a whole) will struggle.


It’s up to us then to not getting caught with what the system wants and with its definition of success, but rather finding our call as individuals... which means finding happiness.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Perfection (define your own)

Perfection is important when you need to perform the same task faster and more efficiently.  


Perfection is in your way when trying to create something new, anticipated and for the first time.


Perfection is the enemy of transparency – ‘being perfect’ means forgetting who we are as individuals.


Perfection is a shortcut; it doesn’t require you to think (actually prevents it) but it loves your compliance.


Perfection is the mother of the contemporary world - the world as we see it today, and it’s the enemy of tomorrow.


The choice is in yours… you can chase perfection at serving the status quo by fitting in and competing with others at getting the best paid job on earth; or you might take the time to discover (your own) perfection and translate it in something special, and then deliver it to us.


You already know (in your heart) where happiness comes from… then go and make it happen.    

Monday, 05 January 2015

Back to work…

...or back to designing a better world.


We can use this new year to shift our mind-set, form getting up every morning with the idea of serving an already established and changeless system, or projecting ourselves into the world as agents for change.


Change for the better… that’s for sure!


Here is the thing: it’s up to every one of us to define what better is, for whom, and how we are going to deliver it.


Drawing the boundaries around our impact is the first step toward monitoring the change we create and celebrate our small successes.


I hope you’ll draw yours. 

Monday, 06 October 2014


are everywhere, and we all experience them in a way or another:

· Internally/externally;

· Centrally/laterally;

· Vertically/horizontally;


Boundaries do not move... yet we (as humans) have a choice to make every time we stumble upon one of them:


1) force ourselves to stop our thinking... ''don't go there – isn't worth it!'' 

2) do the hard work of finding and connecting other people trapped in the same boundaries and ''together'' overcoming them.


In point one we face only ''ourselves'' when it comes to cool down our intuitions, brilliance and enthusiasm for change. This process though becomes more and more difficult as additional people (facing the same boundaries) come together... because  our ''responsibility'' escalates quickly.


Yes – this is the magic of connecting... it helps us to 'collectively' get unstuck!

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