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How does a business innovator think? Does he, or she, thinks like a scientist or an artist?


This short video explains how the mindset of the business innovator is a combination of both ways of thinking.



The business innovator thinks like a scientist when looking for clues about unmet customer needs, and as an artist when inventing new products or services satisfying those needs.


Which of the two mindsets comes more natural to you?

I have recently presented a webinar on Design Thinking for Business Innovation, in collaboration with Starweaver.


Although this webinar was particularly aimed at technologists, it contains lots of useful insight for anyone interested in starting using Design Thinking within to innovate within their organisation. 





Therefore I have edited the recording and made available to anyone here


Please feel free to share this with colleagues and friends. 


P.S.: Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more. 




Last week I delivered a short talk on the impact of strategic design on business success at the annual Research and Innovation conference in Dublin. 


Exploiting Ignorance: creative thinking for business innovation.



In this talk you can find answers about: 


1) Why do we need creativity in business?


2) What is the first step in embracing creativity? 


3) What's the difference between creativity and innovation? 


4) How is creativity entering the business world?


And now the question is: are you going to embrace creativity? If yes... when?



Hi guys, Christmas always brings us lots of cool stuff.


This free programme: Strategic Design - an introduction is something (cool) that I made for you; people busy in creating products or services enhancing the lives of many.


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Strategic Design is emerging at the intersection between strategic thinking and design thinking, something that as you know, I love.


This short programme aims to start a conversation between the participants on how Strategic Design can be applied to create solutions enhancing the lives of people while creating sustainable growth initiatives in their organisations.


Here you cand find more about it.


The good news? We no longer have to decide between being good or being profitable. Strategic design aligns the two.


So, be good and profitable this Christmas!

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