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Stefano’s aim is to facilitate a design thinking agenda in organisations pursuing a strategic innovation approach. Stefano collaborates with the management of medium-sized and large organisations (on ad hoc projects) but also with start-ups, through online learning and group facilitation sessions. 


MissionIn addition to promoting and facilitating the adoption of a design agenda within organisations, Stefano encourages managers to challenge their current understanding of their work and the mental models they have created to explain reality. 




Stefano’s on-line programs invite participants to take part in a conversation about strategic design.

These programs introduce the concepts of strategic thinking and design thinking.



Designing a learning environment inspiring participants to open up their minds and hearts is Stefano's ultimate goal and desire. 





Stefano Messori


Stefano received a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from the Marco Biagi University of Modena and a Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Entrepreneurship from the Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology (iadt).


Stefano is a qualified trainer and qualified marketer from the MII.  


Stefano's work is the result of two major shifts: the development of on-line education and the second is the introduction of creativity, imagination and intuition into business education.